Palm Angels - Skate-inspired Fashion Label and Its Story Behind

Global fashion search platform Lyst announced the hottest brand ranking of Q1 2019 and there’s an unexpected name — Palm Angels. If you’re interested in streetwear, you've probably seen its clothes. In fact, Palm Angels launched its first clothing collection not long ago in 2014 and has rapidly become a favorite among skateboarders.



Italian Photographer Francesco Ragazzi

Speaking of skateboard culture, first thing comes to mind is perhaps the American street fashion. But Palm Angles was founded by the famous Italian photographer, Francesco Ragazzi. Growing up in Italy where fashion and both high-end and ready-to-wear brands have long standing history, Francesco Ragazzi managed to combine the love for American skate culture with the designer’s Italian heritage.


Begins With A Photo Book

Before founding Palm Angels, Francesco Ragazzi worked for the Italian fashion boutique Moncler. When filming at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, he was attracted by the skaters’ stories and attitudes, so he published a photography book under the name “Palm Angels” in 2014, and collaborated with Mykita to launch sunglasses. American pop singer Pharrell Williams was invited to wrote the foreword for the photography book.

△ Makita
△ Makita

Francesco Ragazzi once said during an interview: “I did it as a photography project but also started thinking about what would come out of it. And then I was lucky enough to find my business partner and started working on a clothing line. In the beginning, it was much smaller than this and more connected to the book, but that’s basically the way it started.”


Design Concept 

Aiming to bridge the gap between luxury and streetwear, Palm Angels takes inspirations from California sunshine and beaches, combining the artistic elements of the 70s and 90s, Italian exquisite cutting and the classic skateboarding streetwear. Such unique mix created series of collections that lay between casual and luxury.