What to Pack for A Beach Vacation

Hot summer is coming and I believe everyone is thinking of a beach vacation lately. For someone who needs to work every day, arranging a trip is never easy especially when you have so much to fit in in your suitcase, that’s when the real struggles ensue. Today we will share a must have items packing list with you!

Must Have Item #1:Swimwear

Of cause you can’t go to the beach without your swimwear. This year the most popular men’s swimwear trends are the military inspired look, the white stripes, flower power and old school style. For the length, keep it to mid-thigh level. If you are going for some bold pattern, it can be slightly longer but remember never below the knees.

Must Have Item #2:Flip flops / Sandals

A lot of guys feel uncomfortable with flip-flops and sandals, but they turn out to be the best summer shoes. One of the biggest menswear fashion icon David Beckham takes the lead in wearing sandals and it becomes a bona fide trend. Opt for those in good quality, for example leather, and in black or brown color rather than bright colors.

Must Have Item #3:Straw Hat

Hat is kinda a must have item for guys who are too lazy to get his hair done. For vacation, maybe you can consider a straw hat. It creates a laid back leisure look when you match it with a simply T-shirt and a pair of shorts, definitely the best vacation fashion item.

Must Have Item #4:Sunglasses

When it comes to picking cool sunglasses, there are two ways: one, opt for the classics like Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer that have been popular for decades. Or, opt for a trendy one with unique sizes or colors based on your face shape. Some good ones are round sunglasses, geometric sunglasses, aviator style and colored-lens sunglasses.