6 Style Tips for the Skinny Guy

Who doesn't want a perfect body like Chris Hemsworth. The thing is, there are people who work hard to gain weight and build muscle but fail. Asians generally have smaller bones and it’s pretty easy to look weak and feminine if you don't have bulk muscles. Luckily with the right style, skinny guys can still look bigger and more buff.

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1. Avoid V-neck, Opt for Crew neck

If you want to look more masculine, make your shoulders look wider. The choice of neck line directly affects the width of the shoulder. You want to avoid V-necks or a loose neckline at all costs because they make your neck look longer but narrower for your shoulder. Conversely, crew-neck give the appearance of squared shoulders as it doesn’t cut your shoulder width in half.

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Button your shirt’s top button can also create an illusion of wider shoulders.

△Taiwanese Singer Jam Hsiao via Instagram@ jam_hsiao

△Taiwanese Singer Jam Hsiao via Instagram@jam_hsiao

2. Do NOT Oversize, Opt for well-fitted clothes

Wearing oversized clothes is the most common mistake that skinny guy make. They all think that bigger, baggier clothes make them look stronger but unfortunately, it only makes you look terrible and sloppy, the same goes to tight clothes. Well fitted clothes are what you should always aim for. A crew-neck sweatshirt and a pair of straight leg regular fit jeans are skinny guys causal go-to style.

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3. don’t wear skinny jeans, Try regular

Please do NOT wear skinny jeans. This will only shrink your legs and make them appear longer, leaner. Stick to regular-fit or slim-fit. Chinos and trousers are also great alternatives to your regular jeans.

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4. No pointy shoes, try round head

Men often neglect the important of shoes, but choosing the right shoes is something skinny guys must learn. Pointed toe shoes have the effect of lengthening the legs and make your legs look thinner, so you must avoid wearing the pointy shoes. Round head shoes are on the other hand more suitable, especially boots that give off a rough style can enhance your masculinity.

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△wear @RATO


5. Layer Up

Layering is very useful for skinny guys, for those who are super skinny, this is exactly what you need! I don't mean wearing three T-shirts and two jumpers underneath your coat but to properly style and create visual layers to your outfits. Our previous article on 7 ways to style a sweatshirt this fall have included some of the layering ideas that might interest you. Apart of clothing, accessories like scarfs or necklaces can also do the trick.

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Hong Kong Singer Khalil Fong is also a fan of using layers to modify his skinny body.


6. What jacket is good for you

Fall is coming and it’s time for “jacket shopping”. Pay attention to the hardness of the fabric when choosing jackets. The hard fabric can add some weights and stiffness to your body. A leather jacket, denim jacket, and bomber or a structured coat will be your best friend.

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