The color trends you need to know for Fall and Winter 2019

Have you notice that every time fall or winter is here and people will change their clothing from the colorful and delightful summer colors to the monotone black, white and gray? Seems like the grey-scale is the only color that is allowed to wear in the freezing cold weather. The good news is, there's a color revolution coming up in the following season. Judging from the 2019 fashion week street style, this year will be dominated by bright colors that can sweep away the coldness in fall and winter.

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Millennial Purple


Do you still remember "Millennial Pink" that caused a big hit in 2017? Her sister color "Millennial Purple" is going to replace it and become popular in 2020. The shade is somewhat between the grape and lavender colors and fashion girls have already leading the trend by wearing it before it gets huge in the coming year. Pair this color with black, white or neutrals so it is the center of attention.

Some of the crossover like Dr. Martens ft. Undercover also uses the Millennial Purple. It is so cute and very rare to see in Hong Kong, so if you want to be unique you definitely need it in your closet.


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Even Apple can not resist the "Green Power" and launched the very first green iPhone 11 Pro this year, the fashion industry would not miss this rare opportunity to put all the green shades into fashion, like Machine Green, Olive, and Grass. Wearing a green dress is the easiest way to try this color trend. Also, JACQUEMUS surely causes a huge fashion hit. You can see every fashion blogger or celebrity posted their JACQUEMUS on Instagram, especially the small bag trend has made this little green belt bag a MUST HAVE item.

Royal Blue

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Instagram@ streetstylespy


Royal Blue presents an elegant and noble vibe as the name suggested, we recommend you to try mix and match with yellow accessories to complement Royal Blue and inject some energy into your look. There's nothing better than a faux fur jacket to show how elegant the Royal Blue is. The Saks Potts Jacket made in Dorthe leather is also looking smart and a fashion girl must have. For a more subtle look, opt for a satin royal blue skirt and pair it with black and white items. The satin will fall elegantly and also perfect for holiday parties.


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No doubt Burgundy is many girls' favorite winter color, not only because it is so eye-catching but also easy to match with, any color goes well with Burgundy. Wear the burgundy blouse with a black skirt or a high-waist denim jeans for a office-ready look. Also, as every girl needs a pair of knee-high boots for winter and it's time to say goodbye to the boring black and brown color boots and get a pair of Burgundy boots! Don’t forget to match your makeup with the outfit as well. Put on a darker shade lip color when you wear Burgundy, it will make you look more stylish and chic.

Olivia Lau @ FRESTYLE Team