Whether you are a fashionista or not, there must have a white t-shirt kept inside your wardrobe. However, wearing a white t-shirt with style is no easy job. If you match it with any bottoms or accessories improperly, your whole outfit may go wrong. Here, we are introducing you five trending pieces of bottoms that can help you to style a white t-shirt right this summer!


Asymmetric Midi Skirt

△From left to right:  RAEY ; Instagram@ aimeesong ; Instagram@ karen_kageyama

△From left to right: RAEY; Instagram@aimeesong; Instagram@karen_kageyama

Asymmetric midi skirt is definitely a big hit in 2019. You can find its presence from all of the world’s largest apparel retailers to luxury fashion e-commerce. A printed midi skirt can simply be paired with a plain white t-shirt as its layered hem adds a bit of playfulness to the outfit, and a midi skirt with plain colour would be a good match for any graphic or slogan t-shirt. You can also choose the fabrics you like for the skirt. For instance, a silk midi skirt is relatively loose and flimsy which can give your outfit a fresh touch, while a cotton or linen skirt is more fitted and will highlight the curves of your lower body.

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Straight Leg Denim Jeans

△From left to right: Instagram@ natorika ; Instagram@ arinko

△From left to right: Instagram@natorika; Instagram@arinko

A white T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans have always been the best combo of all time, but to create a stylish look, we must carefully select the style of the t-shirt and the cutting of the jeans. With straight leg denim jeans being the cut of the season, we recommend you to pair it with a crew-neck t-shirt with wide sleeves to balance its parallely straight yet relaxed silhouette. The loose design of the jeans will also help to flatter your leg shape.

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Wide-leg Trousers 

△From left to right: WEAR@yan05; Instagram@ kaochang_luu ; WEAR@0510a

△From left to right: WEAR@yan05; Instagram@kaochang_luu; WEAR@0510a

Although the wide-leg trousers have been popular for several years already, its easy-to-mix-and-match design always make it a preferred choice of pants. Whether you are petite or tall, simply tuck in the t-shirt into your trousers and your legs will be visually lengthened right away. Another tip for styling the wide-leg trousers, is to wear a waist belt with an untucked shirt to elevate the leisurely simple outfit.

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Leather Pants/ Skirt

△From left to right: Instagram@ pepamack ;  Loewe ; Victoria Beckham via Pinterest

△From left to right: Instagram@pepamack; Loewe; Victoria Beckham via Pinterest

If you have watched the 2019 S/S or A/W fashion shows, you must know that leather is one of the top trends for this year. No matter the white t-shirt you have in your wardrobe is loose or cropped, either of them would suit perfectly with any leather bottoms. If you dislike the sticky and encaged feeling of wearing leather in hot weather, get a leather skirt instead to rock this summer!

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Bermuda Shorts



Bermuda shorts refers to shorts with its hems around once inch above the knee. It is a good-to-go for a white T-shirt or a white blouse. Adding a pair of heels, you can instantly create a handsome feminine look.

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by Angel Hong @FRESTYLE Team