Adding a finishing touch to your look, jewelry is undeniably a very essential element that can never be omitted in a perfectly styled outfit. However, due to the ever-changing fashion trends, we need to be wise and flexible in pairing the sets of jewelry with the varied clothing styles. Want to be more skillful in choosing the right jewelry that enhances your appearance? Read the three steps below to avoid getting a piece that goes wrong with your outfit.

△Instagram: @ wolf_circus

△Instagram: @wolf_circus

FIRST: Know Your Skin Undertone

Skin undertone is the color hidden beneath the surface of your skin and it helps to reflect what colors actually suit you. If you stand under the sun and find the veins of your wrist are in blue or purple color, it means you are having a cool skin undertone; but if your veins appear in green or olive, your skin undertone is warm. The result of this vein test shows that people with cool skin undertone are suitable for wearing silver or platinum accessories, while those with warm skin undertone look better wearing golden jewelries. Fortunately, if your veins are bluish-green, it means that both silver or golden jewelry will also look good on you!

SECOND: Know the Style and Color of Your Outfit

△Pinterest, REX USA

△Pinterest, REX USA

Defining the style of your outfit is the key to choosing the right jewelry. A certain kind of clothing should be matched with the corresponding style of jewelry to complement with each other. For example, when you are dressing in a smart office wear, you can add a pair of diamond earrings to create an elegant temperament; and if you are wearing a single-colored dress at a dinner party, you can wear a pair of drop earrings or a designer pendant necklace to elevate your look.



In addition, matching the color of jewelry with the color of your outfit is also a major point to note. Taking the color wheel as reference, we can wear jewelry that is in the same color family, or in contrast with (the opposite side on the color wheel) the outfit color. However, remember not to wear jewelries of more than three colors or wear silver and gold at the same time as it makes you look tasteless rather than stylish.

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THIRD: Choose the Right Jewelry Relating to the Scale of Necklines

After finding your skin undertone and knowing the style of your outfit, it is time to consider the scale of your neckline.



When you are wearing a low-necked and tight-fitting top or dress, go for a necklace to embellish your look as it fills the space between your neck and neckline. Even a bold and chunky one will not make you look clumsy. 

If your neckline is round and loose, you can wear a long necklace to balance the proportion of your outfit; while using paired earrings to match with a turtleneck top or top with an asymmetric neckline helps lengthen your neck, elevating your look with a sense of elegance.

by Angel Hong @ FRESTYLE Team